C        Am  Dm            G7     C    Am
That boy        took my love away,
Dm       G7             C    Am
He’ll regret it someday,
      F           G7                       C     Am  Dm G7
But this boy wants you back again.

That boy isn’t good for you,
Tho’ he may want you too,
This boy wants you back again.

| C9 |

C7         F                           E7
Oh, and this boy would be happy,
           Am                     C7
Just to love you, buy oh my-yi-yi,
F                           D7
That boy won’t be happy,
G7         Dm7  G7
Till he’s seen you cry-hi-hi.

C        Am  Dm7        G7           C     Am
This boy      wouldn’t mind the pain,
Dm7              G7        C       Am
Would always feel the same,
    F           G7                    C    Am  Dm7  G7
If this boy gets you back again.
C          Am  Dm   G7
This boy.
C          Am  Dm G7
This boy.