|: B Dm/A | Ab Eb :| 2x

            B                 Dm/A
In your brown eyes, walked away
            Ab               Eb
In your brown eyes, couldn’t stay
            B                        Dm/A
In your brown eyes, you watch her go

And turn the record on
       Eb                                   Ebm6/Gb
And wonder what went wrong.
What went wrong

    B                     Gsus2
If everything was everything
      Eb                 F7
But everything is over
B                             Gsus2
Everything could be everything
    Eb                  F7/A
If only we were older.

B                      Gsus2              Eb
Guess its just a silly song about you
And how i lost              you
And your brown eyes.

| Dm/A | Ab Eb | B Dm/A | Ab |

In your brown eyes, i was feeling low
’cause they’re brown eyes and you never know
Got some brown eyes, but a soft face

I knew that it was wrong
So baby, turn the record on
Play that song

Where everything was everything
But everything is over
Everything could be everything
If only we were older

Guess its just a silly song about you
And how i lost you
And your brown eyes

B                      Gsus2
Everything was everything
But baby its the last show
B                              Gsus2
Everything could be everything
            Eb                         F7
But it’s time to say goodbye so
              B                         Gsus2
Get your last fix, and your last hit
                 Eb                   F7
Grab your old girl with her new tricks

Honey yeah, it’s no surprise
            Eb                                B
I got lost     in your brown eyes.

Gm                        Eb  Ebm6/Gb
In your brown eyes
B      Gm       Eb  Ebm6/Gb
Brown, brown    eyes
Your brown eyes
        Gm                 Eb 
Brown, brown eyes
Bm6/Gb                    B
Got some brown eyes
       Gm        Eb Ebm6/Gb
Brown, brown       eyes
Brown eyes.