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The Only

						|: Em | G | C | D H/D# | Em | G | C | F G :|

I'm winning, you're losing.
I'm falling, your agony.
Lower than lower,
Before, your forgotten memory.
Heaven, your hell.
I'm killing your fantasy.
More and more
You follow your divorced reality.

Em                                  G
You're trying to take me, you're trying to make me.
C                        D                 H/D#
This is the only, give me the only thing.
Em                         G
Tired of trying, I'm tired of lying.
C                                      F              G
The only thing I understand is what I feel.

Identity, fantasy, heresy, killing me
Lower, than lower,
Before, this thing to feed.
Hypocrite, lunatic, fanatic, heretic.
More and more,
You follow, your divorced reality.


| G F# G F# | G F# G F# |

G   F#            G   F#
Hypocrite, lunatic, fanatic, heretic. :| 4x

Chords. 2x
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